Antwerp - Delwaidedok

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As a result of the growing capacity of container ships, the adaptation of the southern quay wall of the ?Delwaide? dock to the dimensions of the ships was inevitable. To preserve the balance of the concrete gravity quay wall, anchors were introduced to consolidate the different concrete sections of the quay wall. The top of the quay wall (blue stone) was renovated and replaced by a concrete beam to transfer the forces from the bollards to the anchors (concrete: 3.000 m_, reinforcing steel: 400 T). Erosion protection of the dock (width of 35 m) by means of asphalt mats (geotextile 75.000 m_, stone asphalt 40.000 T).North: This project was intended to adjust the quay wall of the Delwaide Dock to accommodate the mooring of 8000 TEU ships, whilst at the same time removing the Ro-Ro section of the lateral quay. This involved the demolition of the existing wall head, the drilling and placing of plain and twisted-steel anchors, the installation of steel reinforcing, the installation of new quay bollards (mooring pins) with appropriate anchoring, the re-cementing of the wall head and the manufacture/placing of dock bed protection (asphalt matting) along the full length of the quay.


Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen



Eiermarkt 21, 2000 Antwerpen, BelgiŽ


Zuid: 11.000.000Ä, Noord: 7.800.000Ä


Zuid: 2004 - 2005, Noord: 2007 - 2009


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